No Is a Four-Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling but Succeeded in Life, a book review

A book review written by Lee Sonogan

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Finishing all extensive chapters of this book, each designed with its own theme tells a story from one perspective. Chris Jericho explains his own experience with wrestling and the music industry and what works for him. Full of wholesome moments meeting celebrities and backstage works in the industry, lyrically uses as well for wisdom joins together for a biography inspiring and practical. While in my first impression I said it is not for everyone, it has an appeal-like any other well-regarded self-help book.

Interesting sides of non-fiction, it relies on cliches and tropes but that is how it is designed to see how to own an authentic mind. The best kinds of predictable stuff but real-world examples of how it can be implemented or influenced. References to his other parts of his career/books are mentioned but this one is all focused on the topic of success. Famous people dominate the content here but the messages are clear and easy to understand.

Overall a decent read where you can read chapters fairly quickly at a time without predictability. Lots of Vince McMahon and a Saudi Arabia perspective seemly scary and within a consensus to many other performers of this kind. A little over 200 pages makes it something to stick in your mind but not too innovative to get a score higher than what I have in mind. Concluding with more than something just goofy, not better than the greats. Maybe his other books more purely wrestling will get a greater recommendation by me, for now, this bookshelf item was still worth it.


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