Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 25)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Forsaken for no good reason,
He is born again to explore this new world.
Feeling forced into some sort of treason,
Those snakes in the grass curled.
Still ambitious in sorting out some peace,
Investigating and surviving on the run.
Sights of herbivores increase,
Carnivores of plenty of sizes got aggressive one by one.
Primaeval tribalism was starting to grow,
Children were afraid of the immortal.
Similar omegas started their own flow,
Expression was conflicting, but in their own echo chambers were mortal.
Pursuit in collecting and bargaining,
Was in vain when they quickly fled.
Still far away from industrial harvesting,
People of their own kind spread.
Simple symbolism was found during his living off the land,
Knowing immunity against all potential poisons.
On the other hand
Funguswas avoided all together affecting the mind’s voices.
Same old stuff,
Not satisfying to most.
This I am sure enough,
These others bumbling around and probably lost.
Hundreds of different species,
Mass Extinction is inevitable.
Hiding from pterodactyls that were greasy,
Various other dim Saurus indiscriminate.
The genius habilis homo,
Rudolffen floresiensis heidelberfens…
Status quo played on a yo-yo,
Barely touching real externals.
Deep in the night,
Fire was coming close.
Same as his height.
Tension tightened in a defensive pose.
Scouting for an exit plan,
A moving campfire was scary.
An element easily enough to defeat the average Tarzan,
About to get in a situation a bit hairy.
Twinkling behind the heavy brush,
It fades out of existence.
Those reflections that were imprinted in the green brush,
Was an illusion in this instance.
Suddenly a sabre tooth tiger pounced,
Claws first from the trees.
Hateful and unannounced,
Let’s see if he summons the will of Hercules…
The instinct to go ape,
Unclinching teeth from the flesh.
Stomach soft as a grape,
Fingertips point and enmesh.
Mounting a dominate position,
Initial tussle is thrown off,
Looking to earn recognition,
Charges again flying into the air like a Molotov.
Scraping the wrestling,
Force was used against the mammal.
Bad timing close to where it was nesting,
Legs swept and seemly broken make it unable to travel.
Expecting more fights to come,
Shadowboxing was used to celebrate.
At the moment he was not dumb,
Accepting things in life can oscillate.

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