Journal Entry 82# In Defense Of Gina Carano

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Nervously having this topic in my back pocket since… it caught on as an internet trend condemning questionable comments this lady has made, here are my two cents. Gina Carano is a former MMA fighter and now mostly known for her role (Star Wars franchise) in Disney’s The Mandalorian who was recently fired. There everyone has a hot take and maybe mine will become considered wrong due to seeing no big deal about it. Guilty of referencing election fraud, comparing history to treatments of idealogy and freedom of choice within the days of Covid-19.

Before I give light to those three components, I would like to say I don’t like her personality. Because there are hundreds of more ways points can become made instead of adding fuel to the culture war fires. Whatever you think of Donald Trump, there is always corruption in these kinds of things. And just watch the people who signed affidavits live in an angry kangaroo court. Regarding that is the best neutral evidence, then contrasting WW2 to hatred of truths in the world is not anti-sematic in how the singular tweet became phrased.

So many other concepts use the holocaust to prove meaning so the contradictory means everything else needs to become considered harmful. Overall this is a freedom of speech issue and blaming being a bad employee to a biased company was a lame excuss. Everything we do is a political statement so you can’t expect people these days not to be hyperbolic or exaggerated. While the polarization of ideas between groups, there is a silver lining out there. In practising what you preach it to simply build and compete on your own terms, hopefully within a spiritual balance beyond all this.

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