Rupert Murdoch Joins Forces With Google

An article written by Lee Sonogan

Rupert Murdoch controls News Corp

Our favourite search engine as wants to pay for news for three years who owns 70 percent of mainstream journalism worldwide? Writing about this matter right here before, I dislike him for the state of sensationalism which took the world by storm. Publically open about wanting his organisation to infect the freedom against independents online, Google is to blame also for not support entrepreneurs first. Pumping one billion dollars into licensing ‘high-quality content’, I have some doubt about this connection.

Not to paraphrase my Fact or Fiction? article in the link above, former Australian prime minister speaks in the below video in a somewhat warning. Achloging that the group own both political news sources in CNN, Fox and many other alternative projects. Conjunctures of social media, Apple collaborations and YouTube inside parent companies, seemly this is an all or nothing approach…

Reading two pieces of published content about this for research, it is questionable how people are covering this in such a friendly matter. I just do not want to see history continuing to repeat itself based on the history of hyperpolarized culture and misinformation quotes by the person of this moment. Prepare for more of the same due to the ignorance the continues to become shoved down our throat until its too late.

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