Journal Entry 81# How Important Is Testosterone?

A journal entry written by Lee sonogan

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What makes a women a women and a man a man? Specific chemical hormones have a lot of science-backed behind it that makes it so behind various linear natures of biology. No matter the battle of the sexes, everybody at least needs a little bit of it; plus is a topic as a relevant men’s issue that the mainstream does not talk about it. Many studies are suggestion the levels of testosterone are dropping in many key demographics in people who identify as men.

Benefits of it in your bloodstream:

  • Sharper mind
  • Greater attention span
  • Stronger memory
  • Spatial reasoning,
  • Growing energy
  • Helps build muscles
  • Probably much more!

For example, have you seen the Try Guys on YouTube? Politics aside, they went to a doctor to get tested and all of them had an amount in comparison to an old man. It may surprise you that I considered getting my balls fixed even though from my experience my sex drive is lower than the gender I am categorised in. But really thinking about it, would taking that way completely really make me a happier person? Maybe anything I have written worth a grain of salt that resonates with people is because of my level of the hormone?

Cause and effects are what interests me in complete contrast to those who advocate against this in our cultures. I always don’t care if you hold yourself as a rationale person, on the other hand, when the flamboyant stereotype is a norm, men’s justice is skewed. Then female’s nurturing estrogen support is needed more than ever to fill in the gaps, causing shifts between the order that works and fear of the past dividing apart from true equilibriums.

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