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When you think of Texas, you think of a state full of oil and natural gas, so why are Texans experiencing energy blackouts in the midst of the coldest weather they had seen in decades. The answer: thinking green. Nearly half of Texas’ windmills that provide a significant percentage of the state’s electrical power froze up.

Yes and no is the answer of nuances to the question of this particular title… Pondering the implications of climate change, there is a fine line between future-proofing ourselves and what is sustainable in the present. This is one example of the technology not being ready yet and planned obsolescence setting in. To prepare for these situations ahead, energy sources cheap for us at the moment will have to continue for a little longer.

The state in America closed down many coal, nuclear or natural gas factories with people losing jobs to make this sudden change. You would think they would invest in something that outlasts the builders but more problems in 4 million homes disconnected from its power send a greater message. Things like this go under peoples noses all the time until it does something to affect individuals. Overall real sustainability and maintenance look fairly hard and too confusing these days from a public perspective…

For solution sake, I can only recommend you get what you vote for when you cannot describe the plan off the top of your head. Elon Musk and Joe Rogan want to make the better L.A there amongst everyone who moves there although there is more partisan people moving there too. Meaning as things change, for the most part, will probably stay the same… Leaders on damage control also seemly do not know what there talking about with most of them giving their own hot take on the issue.

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