Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 24)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Scent of meat cooking was on the other side,

Then the cavemen were gone.

Getting this far those Homo erectus had pride,

No one could remove those rocks with brawn.

Out out of two adults died,

Medicine before was a limiting understanding.

Even though he tried,

Only some idioms and tools were worked on after the crash landing.

Turning to primitive rats,

It was not enough for the single digits who remained.

This cave was not native to any bats,

Resources were low and drained.

A little bit of a blunt edge,

And the point strikes in like a wedge.

Back and forth with repair needs to fetch,

Cracks were turned using a temporary wrench.

Hey fella, I wanted to say,

One young breed greets him.

Eyes looking for a payday,

Shaking a phantom limb.

Catching a mirror effect,

First seeing the monster’s real appearance.

Out of the three kinds, which was the real defect?

What to hold as the dearest?

Why judge anyone?

Ignorance is bliss…

Waiting shall chill in who lost and who won,

I declare a miss…

Small rocks roll down the pile,

Gaps reveal freedom sooner than later.

Seemly the dinosaur comprehended the extra mile,

It went back as a personal translater.

When some returned,

Our immortal was catching a siesta.

For now, leaving it unturned,

Feeling like some sort of gangster.

Wide awake again,

During a yawn, the dragged out opening was better.

Structural stabilities are described as urbane,

Poke, and now he is able to exit and enter.

Sitting between the light and the dwelling,

Man-made placement of a possession laid there,

An effigy which was not helping,

Voodoo of an evil prayer.

Ragdoll of characteristics that are feminine,

Foreshadowing, the wild west connection.

Handing a lemon,

Little did he know this was a pagan expression.

Crawling back through the debris,

Sharing this object was important.

Overtly resembling a banshee,

It surely did not come with a warrant.

Nearly at the core,

Sight sees them all looking.

If you see specific history and lore,

All of them got heavy in their footing.

Glass duality shows its face,

Comrades associate something wrong.

Respect falls from the case,

Former family banish him after not very long…

Sorrow is in his heart,

Dropping the item in its place.

My coincidence of hate which is initially a jumpstart,

Really sinking a somewhat innocent soul without a trace.

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