How Is Hannah Gadsby A Comedian?

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Watching a lot of clips to determine why some people like this women’s version of ‘comedy’, I still do not get it. The New York Times wrote an article named The Comedy-Destroying, Soul-Affirming Art of Hannah Gadsby back in 2018. This individual tweeted “My show is NOT stand up comedy” because that’s an art form designed by men for men. I am not going to attack her for being autistic… But the contradictories that keep coming up between authenticity and humour is a thin line perfect for people obsessed with such identity politics. I agree with other comedians comparing her stand-up with more of a biased Ted Talk then innovating the industry into something new…

She is Australian, that funny scene has become more narrow and narrower with the Woke stuff only squeezing through. Her bad experience might be true but proves an all or nothing narrative designed to appeal to all those who have been allegedly abused. Everything else is questionable in emotional rants filled with hatred and generalizations. Without the overall consensus at least at the moment.

This niche way of thinking is on the complete far left side in contrast to someone like Sarah Silverman. Whos more closer to a central side in her routines. This third or fourth-way feminism leans into the extremes, the hit pieces are as bad as sensationalism most mainstream programs throw out willy nilly. Not contributing to society in any positive way in my opinion, why should I try to empathise with you? You’re taking the limelight away from a different woman who has a much wider perspective and most likely actually earnt it. Plus all the rape jokes are on the nose when everyone else who does that become called out in bad faith.

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