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Why are people so desperate to stick to Facebook and Twitter when there are more interesting alternatives out there? This blockchain-based social network is highly controversial although has other interesting ways to monetize/earn from your stuff. Using terms like far right or even far left, I have not seen anything in the extremes observing this website that is not plastered on all the rest. Overall minds.com is a lodge of all ideas of free speech much broader then the alleged echo chamber it is said to be.

Speaking of rewards The platform awards ERC20 cryptocurrency tokens to its users based on their engagement with the site, and users spend tokens to promote their content or to crowdfund other users through monthly subscriptions. Currency even into the cryptocurrency, I run with the decentralized Etherum coins which confidently is what I am currently mining at the moment in a group effort. I support independent services so mainstream ones are things that in the long run and already is just a source to share my links to.

Sick of the algorithm missing with the timelines of what I follow and what I don’t, culturally we need more of the small fishes in the big pond then the sensationalized predators. Even though you might question opinions on this forum, there is plenty of writers there like you and me. Do not generalize collections of people and call out the individuals who add more fuel to the inevitable fire. Let the internet evolve beyond generalizations and let individuals take responsibilities at the consensus of their peers and proving others wrong either subjectively or objectively.


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