A Rant Against Reality TV Shows

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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You know reality shows are just actors on a stage right? How can you base investment into personalities when they consume these reality shows when in fact are mostly known to be fully fake? There is some realism in the Big Brother house and how it is a thought experiment but stuff like The Jersey Shore, Total Divas and various other lame stereotypes as entertainment. The misleading genre/title is designed to get your attention and have hot takes about it.


Who wants to find love adaptations insults the audience and the concept with results predetermined. Lazy compared to how deep those Japanese dating shows go to in lengths of making it unpredictable and exciting in the right way. General conflicts in tired tropes and cliches is a big factor in limited to actual authenticity which is bending truths. I doubt the real housewives of whatever, or some challenges like that one surviving on an island are legit interactions with all that extra focus of people ranting what they see/overtly feel.

Overall there is a numbing sensation in these no well-thought plans with small budgets where it is so bad it’s good. At the same time, it is verbal cringe and a gross way to empathise with people obviously being told what to say. Culturally sends all forms of media backwards and the stale scripts are badly written. Either expect something more worthwhile or let the mainstream continue to produce for the most part crap like this.



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