The Trueman Show, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr43min (1998) Comedy, Drama

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“The Truman Show” owes a lot to the direction of Peter Weir. Weir refuses to pump out the movies in a search for extra dollars. Instead he chooses wisely and directs brilliantly. Just by looking at a list of his movies will surprise and even amaze you. So as you would imagine “The Truman Show” is another success. – daveisit (8/10 – IMDB)

Watching this during a high school class, this resonated with me in the related product placement and the subtle nature of the elective in media relating to product placement. There Jim Carey stars as many people’s opinions of his best serious role purely drama with some fantasy. Storywise ticks most boxes and so go of an ending, overall you have to give it props to the symbolic climax. For an old movie now, the realistic implementation/budget of $60 million really pays off.

Imagine one day you wake up and every interaction you have hinted that it is not real? Would you think everyone has become evil or someone is watching your every move? Scary in the easter eggs the plot presented as developments occur, you are glue towards how they are going to twist the psychological thriller elements next. Even including some sci-fi credibility, the deeper it goes, the acting performances are more excellent.

Concluding with a definite statement, there are more memorable scenes than most in this. The screenplay emphasises the strengthens and hides the weaknesses for hidden effects. OST, visual and language give off a creepy vibe perfect to this original style. Impactful at each impact, there is easily a modern adaptation of this to be made if I predict the future on remakes that could be good. Comedy and tragedy summaries a mild flow with so many things going on!


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