Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 23)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

All the way to the Mesozoic era,

Precambrian, Palaeozoic before.

How much time past between the aura?

Way more than it took for the others to fish at ashore.

Warmth beside blanketing bodies,

Reality Czar in these parts.

Smarter than later fictional stories,

They knew life against others was a farce.

This time no nightmares,

Healing of waves was influenced and taught.

He was not part of the tribal pair,

Still, he empathised with them a lot.

Vestige was scouting their location,

Mammoths were welcome on these paths.

When the best of the best lived in cation,

Facial burns and wounds made him assume some of the maths.

A mastodon hinted to believe anything,

Contributing to joining the hunt.

New friends amazed by burning of wood and string,

Not to his understanding, it was seen before by some out on the front.

Why did I not die in that hole?

What makes me special?

Handing out with the top of the totem pole,

Pretty damn stressful.

Cleaver regaining his vocabulary,

Such faith in these beasts that are his pals.

Who gives a fuck, kill or marry?

Innocent happiness with their current morales.

Some male dinosaurs go missing,

No, I liked that guy.

That unknown intelligence completed his mission,

Next will be a hook and an eye.

Unable to still talk,

Defences are to become built.

Easy access in the underground dock,

If necessary the core it the ultimate hilter.

Bobby trapped to cave in,

Most T-Rex’s leave observing a test.

Sensing nature of the fight to win,

Those who left were blessed.

But roars echoed the tunnels,

Then crumbling of barriers and stone.

Our hero first to save one crushed with a shovel,

Sweat drips of his cheeks fully regrown.

One opening shows a face hairy but resembling our hero,

Growls go back and forth.

Rising a simple bow and arrow,

I decided to push a rock to block the hearth.

Today quick thinking prevailed,

Tomorrow the considered savages forget.

Different then wisdom of the scaled,

Sharpening a bayonet.

First real violence,

Fear was not so traumatic.

Vanity believes it was piousness,

Uninterested in the melodramatic.

You know what I can do,

Immortal dining on crocodiles and a piranha dish.

Fresh horizons in the field of view,

Lingering resentments swish.

Nurture from the family of opposites,

Linear goals sprout.

Maybe all will come to a metropolis,

Finding ways to acquire neutal clout.

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