Journal Entry 80# Why Do I Keep Coming Back To Minecraft?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Pondering the question from the title, this open sandbox originating in 2011 has grown and it not anticipated in stopping. From the image directly above is a village on my own personal server making one mistake in the video below. Regrinding the collateral damage, this wholesome blocky experience just got better by applying the filter to it. Aside from building a world to making gaming compilation out of, there is so much more to build.

With an update called named Caves and cliffs, my stimulated planet can easily adapt even more than different textures as I have been looking into ray tracing. If you don’t know what that is, it is the graphics in all things lighting upon surfaces. Trying the Nividia RTX resource pack recommended through a YouTube tutorial, it does not seem right in comparison to pictures I have seen. Well, I think there I did not adjust the setting in what they suggested.

You can go into non-linear creative mode to lay down cool looking things but ever more satisfying to build it yourself. Interested in the architecture side of things I’m going to build a battle stadium out of stone and wood within the walls. Then there is a mob spawner for easy levelling up, expand that tower, and an automatic watermelon farm seems tasty. Bridges between locations of interest such as the block of the villager factory trying to make more babies to trade with.

Overall PewDiePie is inspiring in influencing me to make every look clean and a chill place to collect and do many things. Concluding things, paid vs free extra content with the Java and Bedrock editions has a long-running community, mods I now know how to attach with the Forge program. In the top three video games, I have ever got to have had the most hours on, that is a personal fact because it is that damn good.

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