GoldenEye 007, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(1997) Action, Adventure, Thriller

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Goldeneye is still a masterpiece in gaming history that ABSOLUTELY deserves a PROPER HD remake. Nintendo and Rare achieved gold here, pun intended, when they made this gaming classic. All 20 levels of the game are wonderfully designed and the multiplayer is also great fun. – Johnny-the-Film-Sentinel-2187 (Better than the film – 10/10 IMDB)

Back before there were no 3D animated shooting games, the James Bond become infamous due to most parently mostly opting for a Nintendo as Playstation was and is still considered more adult. There is nostalgia land, this got a cult following as the same as the console or the 64. More than twenty years old now, the FPS was innovative, now in the waking of remakes, its the mods of the original making the story experience much more impressive.

Also, the graphics looked weird and played weird although the learning curve and the entended missions with the real-life movie keep you engaged. Then was one of those multiple battle simulator games that holds close and personal competition. An interesting choice in weapons also gave you a variety of how you played the linear content doing a lot with its historical limitations. Man, the music/soundtrack is still vert perfectly timed every time you hear it.

Satisfying in its own way in taking down the baddies with bullets, the video below shows how old and new can be a good thing. Then I have seen a different mod with the same original game but all bugs are removed and gameplay in aiming and motion was greatly improved. Overall it is dated in the repetitive nature of the genre but I respect it laying the foundation of mechanisms standing out from the rest.


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