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Australians can now pre-order SpaceX’s Starlink, with plans for a local launch of Elon Musk’s satellite internet service by the end of the year.

Referencing these counties issues with connection to the internet, this is a god sent alternative. While the government issued supper in providing their own NBN system I would much rather invest in a personality non-partisanship on this planet. Elon Musk is a busy boy getting stuff done with these satellites and trips to Mars back and forth by 2023. His first invention of Paypal has been one of the most trusted services online and I have faith he will not sell the data to other companies like every else.

Beta testers in America and Canada praised its signal and astronauts noted in space that the speed is 95% faster than everyone else on this planet. This rich man made bitcoin more stable than every recently surely has the funding to sustain it in the overall long run. I expect a high monthly rate at first but a decline in price once the supply and demands are needed for it.

For more specific details in this exciting expansion, the master of rocketry is an innovator transcending cultural norms within the link above. And want I have hinted at to suggest further research into such an interesting human being. Our personality of focus here went on the Joe Rogan Podcast again and makes me ponder the questions I would ask if I could get an exclusive interview. Regardless, complex technology surrounds us even more through the rabbit hole.



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