Journal Entry 79# An Open Letter To Tim Pool

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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The following open letter will be sent to his website’s contact emails

Your statement in we have to get into the culture to making meaningful change really resonates with me. It is the embodiment of what I put into this website and your initial pitches make me want to be a part of it. Seemly like a dream job to a person like me, I hope to offer my services to you if this interests you in one way or another. Already I am willing to contribute to the RSS feed/directory your working on plus I need to build a build into a network…

By the end of the year I’ll have at least four self-published books but other than my writing I want to branch into the video. If I can make this with no budget, I have faith your short films ideas can thrive with the right people keen about it. There is also a script (New Car Smell – Fantasy/Thriller) laying around doing nothing, trusting you guys without any disclosure agreement. Finally this blog and ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE at the moment shows I have at least some potential in niches you are looking for.

Containing some chill and journalistic integrity, I hope I can be considered an asset one day in correlation towards mt support to all you guys. This is just an initial introduction to see if it can go anywhere, I much rather avoiding looking at those social media platforms and just follow peoples websites. Trying to build a system you are prosing is ideal if I would do it myself although it would become more meaningful with a personality I respect.

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