Jason X, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr32min (2001) Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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This movie sent a large following away from the franchise in utter disbelief. And I will say that “Jason X” is a very different “Friday the 13th” experience. It actually seems like it is meant as a spoof and a farce on its own franchise. You take Jason Voorhees and put him in a cryo-freeze, then thaw him up in the distant future and put him into space… paul_haakonsen (6/10 – IMDB)

I don’t rate many movies under 5 out of ten but this fits in that poo category. Infamously meme and as bad or worse then the previously made one, this is a badly mixed bowl of nuts. Mostly so bad, it is somewhat good; others who condemn this is fairly justified. The slasher subgenre was not meant to be in a b sci-fi movie is plainly being weird.

Cheap tropes and jump scares when the reborn Jason hundred years later is expected. Cheesiness is implemented over the top and it is not supposed to be a comedy. I hope no one suggests to remake with greater CGI as memory serves it bad. When I think of movies that did not have to be made, this particular one is included in that list.

At this point, if the franchise will ever grow their brand, they need it to go into the public domain for the independent to reinvent the character. Overall class cinematography relying on lazy recognise of awareness during production and much more. I would not recommend this even if it was for a laugh. This was not the conclusion thank god, but the newer movie and video game are not that innovative.

This movie is incredible… incredibly BAD, that is. I can’t believe that any screenwriter and/or director is willing to put their name on this–it simply has to be an attempt on professional suicide in the business. – Frustrator (2/10 – IMDB)




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