Journal Entry 78# Post-Monologue Review (Planes, Trains & Automobiles)

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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It has been like a year since I was messing with direct-acting in a speech like this. Just before I posted a new one. My video depicts a little over 30 seconds of my original performance plus context from the scene in the movie within the title above. Over days when you practise and dissect a monologue, you always think there is a way to make it better; lacking confidence in what is produced. Even though I see flaws in my sixth one uploaded to YouTube, in theory, I see plenty of potential in improving.

For example, I have been cold reading this with a view others to get the feel of what I need to do but for the most part, you have to record many takes. There I can rise in vocal vibration and flow to speak in a tone within my own style and respecting the movie that came first. Then credibility in authenticity is a factor where physical elements play a large part. Such as the right angle looking into the camera and general body language to emphasis the importance of particular words.

Analysing after making the video below public I said because I’m the real article not cause I’m the real article. So it is not perfect if willing to consume plus the line hurt people’s feelings needed more facial stuff. And other sentences could have been stretched out for at least 4 more seconds. Then I would fully recommend it, good enough to see my process in what good I can improvise in a consistent establish script. Overall bloggers reading this, just like the description on YouTube, like this journal entry if I should make more or comment and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

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