Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 21)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Significants of part 21,

Yes, an amnesia story.

Metal scattered by the metric ton,

Sharp edges sliced him up and it was gory.

More than a blackout,

Nearly every bone in his body was broken.

When it looked like he was going to check out,

Snow rained down and he was frozen.

Ice stuck to the skin,

Dead in pure nothingness.

Frostbite growing in his shin,

Slowly becoming one within the thickness.

Absorbing at the physical,

Wounds sealed and healed.

Still trapped by the biblical,

Falling deeper into the open field.

First to step on land,

Those vertebrate tetrapods.

Crashing into that soil and sand,

Simple woes of potential demigods...

Six feet under,

Days have gone by.

No change in the encumber, 

Time worsens the awry.

I almost forget to check on him,

This seemly is his past, future and present.

Feeling his sudden whim,

Freshwater filled in the opening of a vent.

Struggling breath bubbles,

Incoherent cry.

Experiencing the brass knuckles,

An immortal soul weeps attempting to pry.

Then in one go,

He was a heat source.

Unconsciously knowing what would happen if he said no,

Body position thrashed in antrorse.

Trapped beneath a solid ocean,

Claws scratch the surface.

Lost of all notion,

The environment becomes a great furnace.

Twitching adrenaline,

Reflection of light in the white.

For him, there is no medicine,

Only continue to fight.

Lungs drained,

Chest goes in and out.

Mentally maimed,

Have no doubt.

Who am I?

And why does this feel like this is a second time?

What do you want sky?

Smite me if you’re the holier than thou prime.

Muscles so weak,

Energy is fully numb.

Being covered again would be meek,

Or wait for which is to succumb.

At the brink,

Will he find a way?

Before he can blink,

Give him which pathway?

Seasonal weather phenomena,

Shifting plates of the Earth.

Consistent insomnia,

If something else, reborn virgin birth.

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