Devil’s Advocate: Speciesism

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Do not get me wrong, speciesism is a topic of discussing that needs to become discussed. For the purpose of this article, I shall be playing devil’s advocate. For the sake of the betterment of the conversation, there are extremes here like any subject to particular people’s choices. Crossing into ethics and morally lead/loaded questions, is one species justified above all others? Mostly applied to the treatment of animals, I will also ask. Can you have the position of eating animals while owning a pet with a contradictory different set of rules?

With people being woke within their terminology using racism or slavery inside the same vein, note that it has been around since the early seventies. In the same sense, there is an argument we needed it to evolve to this point which transitions to modern times. Do we have the means to accept less of the consensus on negative culture war implications it has now? In my opinion, technology is the greatest point of view to have in this matter due to it being able to regulate it without limiting over positives in the future.

I believe animal agriculture needs to become more transparence. Where the millions of lower life forms life out their life expectancy and become useful in death other to than just nature’s soil. The present in all fields is being worked on and changes are being made for a more consistent world non-self-centred, so speciesism is still a glue that holds things together. Small steps are better than nothing against progressive one-day policies that can’t be verified.

Wrapping your head around identity, their politics is as bad as the territorial monopolies. That is resistant to a future where all things are possible. Plenty of other nuances are in this argument to include alternative systems, the other hand, overlapping into more important circular thinking is hard to overcome. It is acceptable to deny consideration to some without certain capacities or relations. Absolute impartiality in the veil of ignorance is simply yet to manifest.

PS – You are not speciesist, just doing what you are doing in a stage of humans still for the most part learning…

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