Justice League, a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

22mins (2001-2004) Action, Animation, Action

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I have been a Justice League fan since its premier on Cartoon Network. I considered it vastly superior to “Superfriends” and the episode plots are well written. – Karolynnkt (IMDB – 10/10)

First, there was the Batman solo series that is well-regarded over twenty years later. The Superman solo including Lex Luthor epic stories. Then naturally the mass universe in one place concluded both of those shows. From comedic tones, serious moments and well-timed elements overall, this is memorable because of many key episodes.

Drawn with its own style, it plays of the old comics in the nineties setting perfect for these deeper superhero characters. Specific ones focus on only a few characters and/or a combination of perspective from both the good guys and the bad guys. Twists and turns in how everything usually unfolds, the psychological nature is pretty satisfying. Mixing genres and mass conflict around every corner, it is underrated in this particular niche genre.

Great DC content like this makes you wonder why the movie cinematic universe has not to be made yet. Rewatch value, easy enough to binge-watch, consume this you experience a diverse history in the darker/gritty parts of the industry. A must watch for all those who enjoy a graphic novel or two, that is a conclusion statement. You love it all equally and cannot pick apart the flow it has down to every second.

I watched it when I was 11-12 years old. Now I’m 28 and it continues to be the best heroes series out there. Two seasons of pure joy! 🙂 – de_donnie (IMDB – 10/10)




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