Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Plunder Patroll

A pirate-themed deck, their boss monster include various ships and under level monsters that can be used for traps. Also a common discard and special summon description for very diverse choices.

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Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord

Fiendish Rhino Warrior

Desktop 01

Bluebeard, the Plunder Patroll Shipwright X3

Immortal Pheonix Gearfriend X2

Redbeard, the Plunder Patroll Matey X3

Deep Sea Sentry

Golden hair, the Newest Plunder Patroll X3

Whitebeard, the Plunder Patroll Helm X3

Barrier Statue of The Torrent



Moon Mirror Shield

Monster Reborn

Power Of The Guardian

Emblem of the Plunder Patroll X3

Plunder Patroll Shipyarrrd X2


Plunder Patroll Shipshape Ships Shipping

Water Hazard

Moray of Greed

Foolish Buria

Hidden Armory

Foolish Burial Goods

(14 )


Plunder Patroll Booty X3

Pride of the Plunder Patroll X1

Plunder Patroll Parrrty X1

Wall Of Revealing Light





Plunder Patrollship Moerk X2

Time Thief Redoer



Trisha, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Shooting riser Dragon

Trisha, Subzero Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Plunder Patrollshipp Brann X3



Blackbeard, the Plunder Patroll Captain X2

Crystron Halqufbrax

Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon



Plunder Patrolship Lys X2




The Plunder Patroll extra cards are the most offensive but subjective in defensive. Building up equip cards with unique effects from monsters and spells, use some traps when you do so.

Golden Hair, the Newest Plunder Patrol and Deep Sea Sentry has two different benefiting effects

Save Rhino Warrior for not being able to destroy fiends of the Plunder to be destroyed by battle or card effects. Or let it be sent to the graveyard to mill own deck out.

Barrier Statue Of The Torrent Will Resetict and lock down all special summons but not Water.

Crystron Halqufbrax and Desk Bot summons Mecha Phantom then both of the Trisha cards being the strongest other cards in the extra deck. Need to get the level 11 first with Shooting Riser Dragon, extra tokens from Mecha Phantom and any other card you are able to summon.

The Elemental Lord and Immortal Pheonix are great too if timed well to special summon while sparing other cards.

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