Journal Entry 77# Am I A Rube?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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In Australia, a term Bogan is the closest to this term and really defines the differences between those who live in a city and those of country. While this could categorize something into a box, a city slicker has the same chance with their own particular entitlements. In our own particular nature vs nurture philosophy political and beyond, environment and genetics play a large role in shaping our lives. The point of understanding all this is to laugh it off and not self segregate to balance the dualities out in all of this.

I have some personal bias about not living in a town or the suburbs surrounding Melbourne where I live. Living on the other side with a view of those tower architecture in a distance from a second-floor for a year, whatever assumptions on either side are almost as bad as each other. Opportunity vs private/peaceful locations is subjectively questionable at best. And I don’t indulge with the outdoors many poor communities do so I just aim for a central lifestyle both demographics express.

Inspired by the video below, I also want to perform this monologue but good acting is hard. Just like the dialogue, I’m interested if people got to know me that they might challenge particular language. And for this journal entry background. Like Rednecks of American having an accent of their own, the vocabulary of those I know; this could become considered. Then again, my word choices are changing as I become one with how I write and the reality of how I now interact.

So the question in the title above is a big fat no as I inevitable engage with the all-encompassing culture of everything. Never taking a position just because it is there, motivation types itself in being well diverse but also focusing on perseverance. Overall, encourage these types of labels suggests a vague analysis of the general person by eye. Or every surveys and statistics correlating with specific behaviours. Before naming someone to be in a group, reach deeper connections by first establishing familiar positives than negatives.

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