Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 20)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Not of this world,

Like a warhead.

Seemly as rising from the underworld,

Shapred in a delicate arrowhead.

Inside the only window,

That blue lit up the room.

Will I land within the billow?

What else if I could zoom?

Preparing for a splashdown,

Reach towards my berthing.

The concept to drown,

Under my breath was weak excusses for cursing.

Casting an anchor was not an option,

Piloting changed between the planet and the moon.

Stomach turning in composition,

I lean over sick above a spittoon.

An ozone layer is able to be detectected,

Types of radittion broadcasts it.

Not all is protected,

Still more coming through to remit.

Balloning the orbit,

Colour was invaded,

Mechanisms start to short circut.

Landing shall be completely unaided.

Green with envy,

Fruitful tone, scope and range.

Vibes packed in the plenty,

Such verdant to him must be strange…

As above, as below,

Expected pressurelessness at a familiar core.

Gifts to bestow,

Nothing was impossible anymore.

Dead-stick levee,

Looking for flat dirt stratum.

Commited as a devotee,

Compersating a upcoming sense datum.

Immortal parachutes,

Death-defying experince.

Idiosyncrasy attributesm

When you think about it, hilarious…

A call to duty,

Shiny gems of wisdom.

From here already feeling the beauty,

Contra to somewhat falling into the victim.

Past imagary boundaries of a sphere,

Clouds on the horizon.

Singular visuals begin to smear,

This was a moment to hyphen!

Chromatic natural blends,

Oh, What a leap of faith!

Paying dividends,

Safe says the ametuer ironsmith!

Downward force under less stress,

That not slowing down encumbrance.

Going to his head in the carbon process,

Little rest in this wicked occurrence.

Trust in remembering the abstact paragon,

In an image of the individual self.

Keeping one step ahead to feed on,

Bodies of work reigniting itself.

More stable ambience,

Deal whats next when on the firm and grounded,

Learning from the instantaneous,

He crashed and burned…

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