First Impression Of Star Wars: Battlefront II

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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Firstly stating that I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars in comparison to other people, I am a fan of open-world Battlefield type of games. Battlefront II playing the original one in 2005, It was free for a while in wake of a Battlefront III in the near future? Controversial when it launched and live online servers for a period of time being shut down, there is a cult following that has pushed forward the con-current players in the millions to continue.

Seeing videos of this and people playing it in person back in 2017, it is fair to say it has changed a lot although currently two games of myself last night; I just don’t understand why so many people like it so much? It is alright but there are flaws in my personal experience plus other reasons why it is not for everyone. For me I find everything to be so overpowered and unbalanced, the 12-15 kills I got in both games was not simply satisfying. Then for people other than die-hard fans, it is very unrealistic with pretty much hard to invest in all the chaos surrounding you.

Considering this video game because of my own edited video potential. Playing as a hero or villain and getting over 20 kills in a row might be good, on the other hand, not much better then what I got myself last night. Maybe I’m just a noob, then again the repetitive nature is able to put you off. For the price, visuals, nostalgia, multiple objectives and some gameplay can be good on the surface. Minor bugs, same music, easy to learn if I decide to put more time into it for a more credible review and surely more after my initial first hour of barely any fun.

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