Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 19)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Seemly a curse from that day,

This was no vex people gossip.

Words of lies or clay?

While with my truths, this is a toss-up.

Many think I’m a varmint,

Who is this women of a wobblin’ jaw?

Should I be open to this viewpoint?

People preaching like this is against the law.

Many in the bone orchard,

Chiselers with a lick and a promise.

Finding me at the moment is not standard,

Suggesting information only at my solace.

Too much mustard?

Or simon-pure?

I admitted to being flustered…

Eye to eye, in that past moment I was sure.

Hair in the butter,

Who was this calamity, Jane?

Black and white worlds, plus this little colour,

Endearment scary which does not make me feel sane.


Above snakes.

Drunk, falling out of his chair causing whiplash,

That bathtub gin spikes.

Shooting iron hanging on a wall,

Not pulling in the horns.

Getting roostered undertow was a bad call,

Feeling guilty with a head wearing a crown of thorns.

Full as a stick,

Gross vomit lay at my side.

Flashes of the interaction of the chick,

Why would it be so bad to take up a bride?

Just like to chew gravel,

Gotta let it boil over.

Rumours of those given the mitten during my travel,

Dam this lingering hangover.

Yellow to redbelly,

Never denying what is plumb again.

Secretly somewhat jelly,

Maybe we are one in the same…

Upcoming after claps,

He re-read the letter.

Start cutting a swell, perhaps…

Soon things shall get better.

A witch would not fandango,

She did say when she goes up the flume.

Turning a hunted deer on the gyro,

Scent now adds to the memory of her perfume.

If I could write back,

All would be in apple-pie order.

Smoking a quirley with tobacco almost black,

Time to see what is over the border.

Shoot, Luke, or give up the gun,

Find someone to ride the river with.

Temporary vs her under the sun,

Leave here, the reverse monolith.

Cowboy bebop will return,

Back to his current present.

Unable to make a u-turn,

Recovery after the spaceship was all bent.

Damage indicates a narrow escape,

Now the photo-finish.

Everything will hold in its shape,

Needing to chill my overtly facial grimace.

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