Journal Entry 76# I Don’t Like Seth Rogan Any More…

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Superbad, Pineapple Express, Zack and Miri make a porno are all good comedy movies but have you seen the real-life personality of Seth Rogan on Twitter? Politically loaded with opinions and barely backing it up with evidence, he showed his true colours labelling half a country being fascists. More than labelling that way, out of the blue he might be compelled to call you an idiot or message someone with a holier than thou approach. Count Dankula called him out and the elite actor projected his views on him in DM’s.

There we find a private conversation brought into the limelight with next to no effort on one side for a meaningful conversation and Seth’s tone is so condescending. Highlighting some moments if you do not end up watching the video below, the Capitol Riot I do not condone a month ago has become hyperbolic. To a point where he and the mainstream media overlook people who rightly are mad by the government’s decisions to close down their businesses.

Then jumping on the bandwagon that condemns Count in the country of Scotland, he said since his Jewish his is only allowed to make as many vague/loud Nazi jokes as he wants and declares his an expert on history. This logic was not implemented during the movie called The Interview that mocked North Korea who was mad in hacking America and extra. Literally fearing for his life on that one, why anyone intellectually takes him seriously is surprising to me.

Millions might have seen his films but way fewer people agree with his political stances with public analytics. Unity in this hyper-polarized world on every issue or position is a way bigger problem then how people consider everything to be either fascism, racism or all the other isms used to devalue other people thoughts. A person with more extreme views would oppose real peace, the same as any small number of fascists who believe in idealogy in supremacy.

PS – Seth Rogan was not the only one to tweet something like this but has been building up for a while if you read his timelines

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