50 VSDC Free Video Editor Videos (YouTube Channel)

A list created by Lee Sonogan

Image result for vsdc editor 1920x1080

If your looking for a good free video edition then I highly recommend you this VSDC one! Back in 2018, I wrote a simple tutorial for it and this following list will count as something more advanced. From effects to getting the most of the pro tools hidden in particular settings, this YouTube channel explains it all. With something like you can spend hours above initial trimming in cuts and other general presentation.

This program spawning two YouTube channels, I am still learning a lot of this stuff. Regardless, this source of moving motion and informative guides are official and very professional. For those making videos on the go, the company of GoPro endorses the use of this creative layout with many options. Even more, once you pay 30 bucks for a year although that depends how deep you want to manipulate your footage into something truly original.



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