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Image result for jeff bezos lex luthor Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos will step down from the chief executive role he has held for the entire 27 years of the company’s life. The online retailer made the shock announcement while revealing its quarterly financial results on Wednesday morning Australian time.

That spitting image and abstract resemblance of the fictional character Lex Luthor ends his reign as the most hated public person in the world. From South Park satirising him to the real-life bad conditions of the factories around the world. Feeling guilty I use them as my platform for books, that is how the company started before all this. Stepping down, how significant will this be in the following months?

There net income even during Covid-19 is still in the billions so the above question is fair to ask unless they just start unrolling an expansion like > For the former boss it is said the billionaire intended to put more focus into his own space program to rival Elon Musk. Work at a newspaper he brought a few years ago or/and consult with Amazon in providing new products. Will people go after him harder since his reign at the top has ended?

If you want more details, click the link in the first paragraph to see his quotes and other implications not mentioned here. I am not going to make this a hit piece but It wouldn’t surprise me if the truth comes out in backstage dealing with all sorts of people you would expect. The facade of being a bland public speaker gives of red flags to me at least. Overall this development or story is fresh news but not niche appropriate for my website ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE.

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