American Psycho, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr41min (2000) Comedy, Crime, Drama

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This movie is a masterpiece, and it is so underrated. So many quotable moments, true perfect cult piece. Violence is measured, much milder than in the book, which is improved on. It shows the true side of Wall Street morality, of all the little Eichmanns that lived and still live in Manhattan. Dark comedy genius, with classic shiny ax scene perfectly in tune with “Hip to be Square” music, that Weird Al and Huey Lewis parodied in perfect meta homage. – perica-43151

In homage of the early 1991 book by the same name, this indeed is a cult movie that needs to become reviewed by yours truly. Christain Bale in one of his early roles really flexes his performance muscles here portraying Patrick Bateman who has a psychopathic ego hidden from the world. With a budget of only $7 million dollars, the somewhat controversial film was able to triple it as the box office. So many scenes have become infamous in memes across the internet.

Hedonistic fantasies drive this movie in how it engages with you at a certain dark and gritty degree. Philosophically thought-provoking and mass detail on his desired and actions, there is something unique in how this engages with you. Also taking inspiration from Albert Hitchcock, the blends, twists and turns delivery even though based off my memory has dated over the last twenty years. One con is that ending and how it would be better overall if they went in a different direction.

As always I expect book and live-action editions both have their differences and potentially being even better in the written form. Nonetheless, satisfying in how weird it can get simultaneously being not for everyone’s personal tastes. I recommend it because it ticks a lot of boxes for my consumption preferences although I do not have a need to rewatch it again someday. In a conclusion, putting the time into this experience is worth it but does not reach the 8/10s and above in my opinion.


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