Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 18)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Static shock in the fingertips,

As I rip the brim open.

Licking my lips,

To see what this potential harlot has woven…

Dear artist that is formerly known as Austin’,

Seeing you are fated to have many names’.

At the post with people picking cotton’,

Destiny of our brief meeting was revealed to me in the flames’.

Yes, I am a witch’,

A psychic who predicts’.

Not some bitch’,

‘Seeking some sort of useless fix’.

Physically I am on the other side of the world’,

Next life I plan to speak with you in person’.

Sensing you makes my toes curled’,

You are immune to death is what is certain’.

Solitary is your destiny’,

Unless necromancy is found’.

Embrace your magic carefully’,

‘Then our paths shall become truly bound’.

Weight of that cumbersome’,

Purpose of twin realities’.

Answers together will succumb’,

Very far from partaking in the birds and the bee’s’.

All is unfair in love and war’,

Let the flirtation be for now’.

Imagining you as my mentor’,

And I have a supporting bow’.

Two peas in a pod’,

Green with envy’.

Sir demi-god,

‘You are the one that makes me ready!

Connections of our lack of a heart’,

‘Perfection is us on the mend’.

When this locks in to start’,

Value of all this will last to the very end’.

Always watching’,

Conjuring good vibes for you’.

Knowing what you’re wanting’,

Please consider what I construe’.

‘Why does the red planet come to mind?’

‘Fragments come with my own power’.

‘Filling in what is blind’,

‘Is in my thoughts at each hour’.

‘Walking with the dinosaurs’,

‘Visions of the first cavemen’.

‘Re-writing this breaks through new doors’,

‘Thousands of years that must be at your cortex span’.

‘Have you heard of reincarnation?’

‘Vagabonds cross my current domain’.

‘Citizen of this modern nation’,

‘Multiple memories one day if we get on that train’.

‘Souls are not awkward‘,

‘Breaking this record in a conclusion’.

‘Keep running backward…’,

‘Or reach the inevitable collusion’.

‘Future-proofing you and me’,

‘Slightest touch enchants the truth’.

‘Quicker way than enquiry’,

‘Finally, anguish will soothe’.

‘Goodnight shining knight in armour’,

‘Dreams to possible get an image of who I am’.

‘From an anonymous female farmer’,

‘Remember my face and nurture that cute little lamb’.

The letter is dropped to the floor,

This was a lot to take in.

Interested in her similar lore,

Implications thereafter some bathtub gin…

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