Fact or Fiction? All Microaggressions Are Miscommunications

An article written by Lee Sonogan

you better watch your microaggressions, bro - brah southpark pc principal |  Meme Generator

Google defines this new term as a statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority. Such a broad meaning this make sizes big or small a big deal and not overtly obvious then just plain universal social evils. There is a big difference in perceived harm and what is really going on in our diverse languages and backgrounds. Any tiny nuances that get you this emotionally invested, relise it’s a conflict resolution. The other party does not engage suggests that your taking liberties counterproductive to your means of a peaceful world.

Going into the extremes, in the video below indicates an alleged expert who likes to segregates freedom of speech. With an example of you can’t call black people articulate because it could reflect bad parts of history. Then cherry picks stereotypes when such personalities have already inevitably changed the culture in most civilized societies. Inspiring to write this article, the ego to call out something so small can simply be a cliche joke or general phrase. with nothing close to intentional triggering to such degree, some people describe their personal plights as.

Controlling words and using the virtue signalling path is the wrong way to go as most people will support your cause if your rationale about it. Discrimination is a slippery slope as supply and demand in earning your way if up to those who do so. On an individual level, levels of equity can only go so far in joining a tribe then being an asset of unquestionable quality. Categorically bias to protect some people and not all in a particular statement, action or incident is as equally as bad as what considered widespread prejudice the minority claims.

From my experience looking into these intersectional politics, there is never the mention of what is the right balance between diversity and conservatism. Usually discussing such concepts with someone on the other side of the spectrum. They laugh in the face in their holy than thou knowledge of superiority. Let’s laugh off the stereotypes and use it as a launching pad to overcome these issues that linger in the fearful mind.

Fact or Fiction? For the loudest and most cringe yes



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