Journal Entry 75# Benefits Of Squatting

A journal entry written Lee Sonogan

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Needing to get more physically active than plain odd jobs around the house, this position in my daily routine has been good. Doing labour of yoga videos was what I use to do, getting in ten minutes a day while watching something is an extra step in motivation. Like those who though who they are and their relationships to the chair, this is way better for your body and lower back then nothing. Not to mention the research is many possible side effects in being a couch potato.

Referencing an article, symptoms big or small can come with lack of energy and merely the design of humans are not meant to sit. Insulin resistance, Increases LDL (bad cholesterol), weight gain, diseases and life expectancy all sound scary. Hip and back mobility needs to be stretched and exercised regularly as equally as every other muscle. Apply it right and it is also very relevant to building a core as well.

Flexibility experimentation and good balance footwork at key. Staying in one position for too long is a bad thing but important to know when doing it daily. Overall the nuances require a dedicated performance like anything else, a temporary tool in an attempt to help parts of the body neglected and needing a little bit of love. I will leave you with a quote by Mandy Ingber ‘I love the plie squat. I love that because I can feel my glutes and inner thighs, and it makes me feel grounded,’.

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