Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 17)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Are you ok?


I know you have had quite a day,

And I ain’t taking the piss.

‘Oh, Brave hero’,

‘Sorry for all the fuss’.

‘Here, let me get your sombrero’,

For this period of time, this was not sus.

Their she lay before me,

Love at first sight.

To truly be that free,

When there is a will, there is a light.

He looked at me with that shine in an eye,

‘Surely no more trama here’.

Investigator skills as a spy,

‘Someone might be coming that was able to overhear’.

‘Wait come back!’,

Her beauty is something different.

There was no need to follow him on the track,

Attraction unconsciously was enough to be significant.

What sort of cowboy runs?

Plus what is wrong with settling down?

Loose as this belt carrying my guns,

Goofy as some sort of town drunk clown.

Cactus at the fleeting landscape,

The paid job is done.

On the other side of the cape,

An amount of rewards is waiting for this hired gun.

Little did the immortal know,

Services from him were my plan.

As the seeds within him grow,

Our dear reader shall understand.

A year later to the same week,

Austin is his new alias.

Freedom is what he is now to seek,

Slandered by something nefarious.

Badges on the hunt,

Memories where it all went wrong.

Inside the martial law cold front,

Seeing a lot of people engage that were headstrong.

No more trips to the saloon,

Outlaws on a tight leash.

Spaghetti westerns around many dune,

Even all my horses had to be left of their sash.

They saw him as a criminal,

Hope was wearing thin.

My act next was almost satirical,

Delivery by a man of redskin.

Natives were alright,

Mis-communication with them can become fun.

Peeking out, who cares if I’m white,

These people were better than those that shun.

Face to face,

One unusual tube was under his arm.

Does this guy want to give me a vase?

Hands it over and dashed away allegedly in alarm.

‘Remember that awkward woman of your dreams?’

Was written on the cover of a letter. 

Yes, deep in my genes,

Or this is some desperado beggar.

Former teacher of the illiterate,

Magician in the year 2000.

Shorter than a tasteful limerick,

Why does she want to make such a demand?

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