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So… Uhhh, What The Actual Fuck Is Happening With Gamestop Right Now

If you’ve been on the internet in recent days, you’ve probably heard about a little company called GameStop, that has quite literally taken over the stock market this week thanks to douchey Reddit finance bros, Elon Musk and, well, memes.

GameStop is an American owned company and a parent of EB games popular in Australia. In a current trend of this week, the organisation’s stock has changed despite mass close-downs of hundreds of businesses due to Covid-19. Turning from worth double digits a share and has gone up to a high third amount of numbers. And Reddit has influenced this directly causing specific hedge funds to land themself in the toilet.

Some comparing it to David vs Goliath, specific apps and industries have reacted by limiting or banning such trade at least now because the bigger classes on these stock platforms are losing. Mainstream defending this in some cases, why can’t the little guy make a yearly payment in one hit? There is this heartwarming story of a ten-year-old who was given some stock making tens of thousands because of this.

Equality of freedom and opportunity can be at stake as it is far from full chances Wall Street does in providing the service. I’m no expert on this matter but the rich getting richer is a corrupt system. How are new innovators in any field going to pop up when leaders restrict and recoil when the unpredictable happens. Sustainable economies work if true free-market principles are allowed to take place and be implemented by the individual.

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