127 Hours, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr34mins (2010), Adventure, Biography, Drama

127 Hours (2010) Movie Review from Eye for Film

I came into this movie with high expectations. Danny Boyle, who brought us 28 DAYS LATER and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE had a lot to live up to with the quality of prior movies, and he did not disappoint. He brought the challenge of creating an interesting movie based on our main character being immobile to life, and captivating it was. Being stuck with our main character the entire duration of the film was anything but tedious, as we follow the thoughts of canyoneer Aron Ralston (James Franco) as he gets trapped under a rock while exploring the beautiful sights of Utah. The camera does a fabulous job taking us everywhere a wandering mind might migrate in a situation such as this. – mdtscoates

This might be James Francos most unique acting role in such a small environment like the film Buried. 127 Hours is based on a true story where an experienced mountain climber makes an oops moment. Then the mental sanity in what took place next, falling to the floor and a boulder falling with him. Trapped with no one to help him for miles, I highly recommend it to those already who enjoy this type of genre with real-life vs death.

It blew my mind when I first saw it because I had no idea what it was about. Starting in the desert and various cliffside, the key plot happens sooner than later. Anxiety, madness and much more, with one hand, what he could do was very little. Still, he uses a video camera-delivery many powerful written monologues to keep you engaged, plus spend the night in the rain.

Aside from that the flow, suspenseful music and overall cinematography. A one-man act unpredictable and actually very impress in consideration of the budget if only 18$ million which of course tripled profits at the box office. Even though people have only slightly rated it less over time, In conclusion, is the survival story you have been looking for. With them having limitations I will also say that it is not for every although for most.

PS – That ending is very graphic so a warning without telling ya what he did to escape…




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