Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Zoodiac

Learning another highly competitive deck, these Zoodiac monsters are weird… Limited to combinations, it works efficiency if packed with the right amount of trap cards and other protection. Somewhat fun to use, watch the video below to see a lot of rage quits…

Phantom Rage: Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS - Sky Thunder | TCGplayer Infinite


Alpha, The Master of Beasts x2

True King Lithosagym, The Disaster

Zoodiac Thoroughblade X3

Zoodiac Whiptail X3

Dinowrestler Pankratops

Zoodiac Ramram X3

Zoodiac Ratpier

Zoodiac Kataroost

Ash Blossom and Ghost Ogre X2

Aroma Jar



Harpie’s Feather Duster

Monster Reborn

Moon Mirror Shield

Power of the Guardian

Called By The Grave

Triple Tactics Talent X3

Lightning Storm

Fire Formation – Tenki X3

Messenger of Peace

( )


Mirror Force

Evenly Matched

Mirror Force Launcher

Solemn Strike X3

Infinite Impermanence





Time Wizards of Tomorow



Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder X2

Zoodiac Boarbear X2

Zoodiac Drident

Drill Driver Vespenato

Zoodiac Chakanine X2

Zoodiac Hammerkong

Zoodiac Tigermortar X2



Fire Fighting Daruma Doll

Cryston Halqifibrax

Accesscode Talker




Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder might be that main card as it is the most powerful and easy to summon with any Zoodiac monster. XYZ summon Zoodiac Boarbear to attack directly and in main phrase 2, this level 12 XYZ can be placed on top and ready to destroy the field at any time.

Next is Zoodiac Drident that can destroy 1 face card but only allowed one of them. Then place Drill Driver Vespenato on top for a strong monster that summons a card from the graveyard when destroyed.
Then the other Zoodiac XYZ have some useful effects but I recommend the first two paragraphs first before wasting them in the extra deck.

Alpha, The Master of Beasts can return cards from the field to the hand, easily special summoned and a main deck card with 3000 attack. Only use True King Lithosagym, The Disaster if you have extra Earth Monsters in hand or field.

Instant Fusion and Time Wizard of Tomorrow for a big risk inflicting life points directly

Lighting Storm, Dinowrestler, Evenly Matched need to be timed perfectly when not much cards on field or at the end of the battle phrase



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