Journal Entry 74# Broken Xiaomi Mi Curved – 34″ – 144Hz Gaming Monitor :(

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Committing to a screen that can match the power of my new rig >, there is a big problem as you can see from the real picture above. It has the best specs you want for all the visuals above full HD, to 3440×1440 that already makes a difference even though there is damage to that side of the panel. Annoyed that this has happened, thank god there is a 2-year warranty. How did this happen because it was not me?

Firstly I can’t seem to find which website I brought it off at the moment with it is being Kogan or PCByte by memory. Most sites selling this has a warranty so I am not worried about that though I followed the instructions this time. The single booklet in Japanese only said to assemble it in the foam casing and that what I did. Assembling the mount with some screws, the top part just clicks into the frame with the tiniest amount of force.

This must be the thinnest glass ever cracking one line from the top and bottom and a half of a semi-circle in that shape it made when turned on. Finally probably gonna have to spend 50 bucks to send it back and get this screen replaced. Very disappointing, I will have to continue to manage with only one screen and an average one at that. Having the new puter for weeks now, its processing power desires more difficult tests like this monitor.

PS – I don’t blame this brand and all is good if I can get it replaced within 2 weeks.

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