Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 16)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

What is on the other side of a black hole?

A question plaguing modern non-fiction.

After-effects of the real totem pole,

Jesus and crucifixion.

Too quiet,

Theoretical mass to contemplate…

Trying to adjust course in an unpredictable climate,

Look at the threshold digital slate.

Pre-mature formulas,

That suction threat worked in his favour.

Ballad of my performances,

No clue of that abysm lifesaver.

Astrological sign align with January,

Zodiac Capricorn and Aquarius.

Fortitude found in the unwary,

Water-carrier various.

I draw a line on the window,

Placebo sensation of condensation.

Foolish as some particular weirdo,

Why was I so quick in my evasion?

Before gravity never sinew,

Except on the former home.

Lame in the discontinue,

Am I stuck in some sort of dome?

Connection broke free,

That ship flung forward with no remaining fuel.

Letting him be,

Gesturing that his maker ain’t cruel.

Thank you, thank you,

Aprication basking at those willing to hear.

Turning at a skew,

Wholesome fields in things that are dear.

Void full fields fade in the background,

Conversion with him at the moment would become parseltongue,

Based off creatures that are Earthbound,

The immortal remains in a realization iron lung.

TRANSITION to the future once again,

Switch so he sees my true form.

He comes in double guns blazing, like John Wayne,

But I’m the pure method actor presented on a different platform.

Always pick up your top hat,

Smoke residue hits the tip of my nose.

Killing each and every rat,

Their blood sprayed on my clothes.

In the old west,

Humans are savage animals.

Few stand out from the whole rest,

Armed with a revolver in an animus.

Catching blood lust,

Guilty are the devils.

By bounty hunting, it is a must,

Experiencing those Red Dead Redemption levels.

Leaving women with children,

Damsels in distress!

Dry Tumbleweed was ridden,

Old mate was a questionable mess.

Innocent to some sort of anti-hero,

Drinking in saloons that were wild.

Skipping bows and the arrow,

Time periods always go back from what was reconciled.

You are safe,

Those people had it coming.

I’ll keep you from the grave,

There I looked scared, tramatic underlying cunning.

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