In Defence Of Willem Powerfish

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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In the act of realistic pranks in this century, this guy is a comedian with some edge. Messing with his unexpected victims, getting people to try to steal his boat or sinking a car failing directions; the dog knows no bound until now. Facing a million-dollar fine for ‘neglective driving’ originating from a video in 2019, a 7 year fine in jail is on the table. Alongside other charges piling up, the man who also donates to charity and advocates for men’s health my look like he’s been in prison although a person of redeeming quality.

Humble in accepting consequences, the nuances of the courts consistently change their mind on stuff is an interesting story. Such as the environmental concerns of putting a car on into an opening river with an intentional drip in the gas tank. Also arguing that the Fish is a character, the true person behind the mask is more wholesome in interviews. For more details watch him bare his soul talking to Issacc Butterfield.

Getting mainstream attention because of this in a negative light, I think the judgement is a bit harsh and scariness of censorship in hidden forms. Still not knowing all the underlying data, the patterns of personalities being on the attack is an important issue local and domestic. An independent Australian who is an embodiment of the culture and having fun while helping others simultaneously.

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