Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 & 2, Movie Reviews

Two movie reviews written by Lee Sonogan

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It sets a standard that few can beat. – Rob Vaux (RottenTomatoes 4/4)

From the mind of well-esteemed comic book writer Frank Miller, this different world from DC translates well into the animated screen. Part 1 and 2 are their own films based on one epic graphic novel I wish I had in my collection… Still reading Part 3 the continues the series, this one is infamous because of many well-written elements. And for at least the second part, it is a contender for one of the best cartoons of the franchise, not family-friendly.

Starting with the beginning, Batman is old and story-wise, most villains are in the old folks home. Creating more depth, the dystopian Gotham in overran by a new character fitting for Batman’s comeback. Another RottenTomatoes patron comments this for this initial section It’s highly respectful of the work on which it is based, yet also a solidly entertaining effort in its own right > Still giving it a 3.5/4. Apparently, a lot of this is a fresh take in comparison to the nineties piece of content.

Part 2 is what you want implementing The Joker and Superman. We get so much action worthy of seeing for cinematography and a less abrupt and rapid flow in an engaging structure. Joker waking up is deadly in a talk show and scenes leading to the video below I do not recommend watching out of context. Then why Superman is around and their moment that inspired a recent live-action movie that fails when compared to this.

Strong delivery on the philosophy and meaning at every angle you can possibly identify. Unique style in how it was drawn and brought to life with dramatic and suspenseful twists and turns. Makes superhero plots super credibility willing to swing appeal who avoid this stuff like the plague. Overall so good that I don’t know why this has not been reviewed by yours truly sooner…

Part 1 7.9/10 – Part 2 8.3/10

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