Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 15)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Constriction scraped all around,

This ship was seemly recoiling.

I am not a king wearing a crown,

Sooner or later it is going to be boiling.

Nothing could wedge it,

If only I could get it loose.

For now, I’ll brace for a bit,

There is something to deduce.

A great chasm,

Cavities striking fear.

Excuss my sarcasm,

Let’s risk something that could rip and tear.

No man’s land,

Just like me, the eagle flies alone.

With simple backhand,

Existing concepts from The Twilight Zone.

‘Equality of opportunity’,

Sprang into my mind.

Sweat equity,

Clarification will be hard to find.

That canary in a mine,

Rubbernecking necking the glass opening.

Faith in a little of the benign,

Reach that new but old homecoming.

Agnostic to his atheism,

Aware of something that is beyond.

Reflections better than… Cynism,

Plasma is an incredible thing when awned.

Immortal plasmoids have their own power,

He does not see his physical extra.

What a useless control tower..

There is hope if I add to his mantra.

Slow down the breath,

Remember getting lost in the desert.

You are the walking embodiment of death,

When goldfish memory is overt…

Eyes are shut,

Rarefaction potential is there.

Hitting a ball with a putt,

I’d sell my soul with impulsive flair.

Abstraly praying to the devil,

To me paying the pied piper.

Easy fix at his level,

Click and dealt with the meta automatic sniper.

What a barren sight!

Illusions to the pupils.

More than the stars of white,

It is magic that motion is still aligned within the sails.

Then the scratching stopped,

Hollow sounds slightly suck.

Individual rocks are lopped,

Radar locks on again than what was in a tuck.

That space outside,

Was now pitch dark than normal.

Manifestly during a yuletide,

Black holes formed as beautiful underwater coral.

Peculiar full stops,

Poke head out of the back door.

Working in pure darkness if to change what docks,

Feet struggled, standing on that piece of floor.

Safety hazard…

So he closed it by the knob.

Literally, the ship is leaning backwards,

Danger has already undertaken a swap.

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