Journal Entry 73# A Rant Against Paper Straws

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

No. 73 - Wikipedia

The other day I went to a local fast food place known at McDonald’s to get a large strawberry thick shake. When I sucked down that somewhat thick ice cream, I nearly choked while driving. Now I know because of the Issac Butterfield video below, this is because of a petition starting in the U.K of a mere 40,000 people. I am environmentally friendly more than the next bogan Australian although I dislike these straws affecting the general taste and the plenty of other alternatives the company could provide in widescale.

Now people have to either as for a coffee lid with there drinks or carry around a thick steel straw for the car. Instead of customizable colour and sizes these paper apparatuses, plant, hay and edible choices seem more cost-efficient in the demand in supply. Those are biodegradable and would invest in local farms selling such resources. Offering now straw with the sale is also interesting to make people really think about the possibilities related to all this.

I am not advocating for a green lifestyle but an overtly positive system of getting the best quality of a product with the least concerns. Greater variety than the swift changes that you don’t relise until its too late (KFC’s classic Sweet and Sour Sauce). For me, this is just one more reason to eat healthier, on the other hand, give more meaning to these businesses that I do not directly support as I use to. If you have conflicting feelings about this too, know its not a huge deal in the scope of other things; then watch the video below for a potential laugh.

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