Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Nov 4, Week 4)

Fantasy booking created by Lee Sonogan

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WWE – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. Eight-person Intergender elimination tag team match – non-title

Goldberg (C), AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair (C), The Fiend (C) vs Dax Hardwood (C), Mick Foley (C), Bailey (C) (C), Kazuchika Okada (AEW) – Winners: Goldberg (C), AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair (C), The Fiend (C) > Naming highlights, Okada goes toe to toe in strong style. Mick Foley stuns The Fiend with a Mandible Claw. Flair moonsaults of the top rope onto everyone. Bailey pulls down Goldberg’s shorts and Dax pins him. Last remaining is The Fiend vs Mickfoley and Okada, counter their double teams. Multiple Mandible Claws and the Intercontinental champion wins for the brand.

2. singles match

Awesome Kong vs Sasha Banks (C) (AEW) – Winner: Sasha Banks > Kong charges and dominates her enemy in the first half of the match. Bank chops her down for ages, sweeps the legs and a Frog Splash. Kicks out to Backstabber and back rolled into Bank Statement. Wins via a submission.

3. six-pack challenge – Immunity against potential firing after survivor series

The Rock vs Batista vs John Cena vs Daniel Byran vs Kurt Angle vs Sting – Winner: Kurt Angle > Crazy brawl breaks out for only two in-ring and others outside. One would slip in to break up potential pins after big impacted manoeuvres. Angle and Sting start heeling it up and working together. Byran gets a Yes chant, putting The Rock on his ass. John Cena breaks his neck in this match in a botch, out for longer atleast six months .

4. Main Event – Winner Goes Into The WWE Survivor Series Team – no disqualification match

Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs Triple H – Winner: Brock Lesnar > Goes like the link right here >

AEW – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. singles match

Chris Jericho (C) vs Will Osprey – Winner: Chris Jericho (C) > Preparing for a different division, Jericho has lost some weight. Running at a high pace, imagine his classic moves in his prime in the WCW cruserweight division. Osprey overcomes with many comebacks but Jericho taps him out with the Lion Tamer.

2. tag team match – non-ttle

Dax Hardwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) vs Cody Rhodes (C) & Dustin Rhodes – Winners: Dax Hardwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) > Going 30 minutes, the momentum builds from very slow to some unpredictable where anyone could win. Cutting the ring in half, Cody is knocked off the Apron and Dustin is Spike Pilkedrived to win.

3. singles match – non-title

MJF (C) vs Ricochet (C) – Winner: Ricochet > When the high flying happened, MJF innovatively slams him to the ground. Richochet tries a submission but is raked in the eyes. He tries fighting on his feet but MJF rolls out of the ring and back into blindside him. The X-Division champ gets a sneaky pin to get reversed and then reversed back for the heel to be victorious.

4. Main event – eight-man tag team match

Kenny Omega (C), Adam Hangman Page, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson vs Undertaker (C), Kane, Abyss, Kevin Owens (The Ministry) (WWE) – Winners: Undertaker (C), Kane, Abyss, Kevin Owens (The Ministry) (WWE) > A faction off stage vs one on stage is underway with the Young Bucks getting squashed by Kane and Undertaker. Page and Omega shine but the more experienced team overwhelmed in the last moments with a Tombstone for everyone.

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