Destiny, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(2014) Shooter, Sci-Fi, Arcade

Bungie explains why Destiny doesn't have PS4-to-PS3, Xbox One-to-360  cross-platform multiplayer | VentureBeat

Destiny. One of the most hyped games ever, and for good reason. The trailers looked too good to be true and they where. I started playing 2 months after release so I expect there were alot of things changed. A great game with amazing gameplay mechanics, one of the smoothest games I’ve ever played – LooTheLou (Metacritic – 7/10)

Just like Watch Dogs, this was a new generational game from the PS4 early on. Trailers and various images had the graphic you want but you never know until you play it for yourself. There you find a science fiction story which has a lot of RPG elements but something is missing. Already I shall tell you I was very disappointed about this plus I do not recommend this original although the sequel is more highly regarded at least online and I have not played.

To comment on the pros in this middle paragraph, I agree with the above review in the smoothness ability when engaging in gameplay. World/level design has good architecture and various looks of weapons are cool in its own future style. Those two are the most that kept me engaged to then get that feeling of many guns gameplay. The repetitive nature puts you off as you travel back and forth between a map of lots of nothing interesting.

Finishing up vary quickly and never playing it again, overall the online features make it competitive. But the reward of beating the game does not influence you in the potential re-play value. Then the plot is so unrememberable, I can’t remember any other character than the main character. This being released during that hashtag of gamergate, the lack of scenes or general excitement in something actually challenging is why I have given it such a low rating.


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