Journal Entry 72# Australia Day vs Invasion Day

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Map of Indigenous Land Use Agreements in Australia in 2010 [19]. Both  titleholders and pastoral station owners jointly manage… | Indigenous  education, Area map, Map

Inspired by another trend of Twitter… Tomorrow is Australia day which coincides with the same documented date where the English invaded the natives of this land. Stirring up this conversation again, online people have made this a topic about racism once more. Personally, I do not care about national holidays and the significance of whatever patriotism it has. Although people who want to deconstruct it are living in the past and not the present and future. Where progress for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are all around us.

The vague debates of the internet are maddening as they would rather attack. With their considered logical fallacies than engaging with the real current discussion. Multiculturism is inevitable and there is enough affirmative action in the world. With diversity at the top, even crossing the line of too much. Maybe changing the date will encourage more positive honours. Although there are also people out there that will go all or nothing to their own desired tribalism.

Sure I have the empathy to the history of certain people of the country I live in but what happened is not my or your fault in the today. In the wake of COVID-19, public gatherings in a protest nature like this are more American than what normally happens here. Take your decisive opinions and attach yourself to the organisations who protect those of these identities. Then possible more people will take your concerns more seriously. With wide-scale psychology issues at hand, intersectional politics shall always be a minority. Fighting for the majority is the priority and all the important virtues of others will follow in unison.

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