The Sopranos (Season 3), a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

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Many times when I watch this show I am absolutely perplexed that human beings are creatively capable enough to make something this masterful. Justinavery7074 (Metacritic – 10/10)

Even better than the previous two, bold and riveting it was not afraid to portray its characters in a bad light. Plus the world just gets better with more elements without spoilers are introduced and the complexity of personalities take new directions. Plus watching it all at this point, there is a solo episode called ‘Pine Barrens’ that’s got to be my favourite one of them all. Paulie and Christopher deliver a performance of a lifetime, trapped in the woods with an assassin Russian.

What makes this season great is they introduce Ralph Cifaretto and Meadow is leaving the home to go to university. AJ now an older teen gets into some mischieve defining the almost emo young adult. Dr. Melfi goes through a sexual assault and then continues to engage with Tony. Intensity surrounding conflicts just feel way more brutal than they were.

Dark comedy is still perfectly timed and the real hook when stuff gets real good. You have to make it to this stuff to really judge this year’s series content. Bumping up one entire point in the following rating, there is a downfall but this is not it. Basically the peak and the next season, this is the one I most recommend. More philosophical too, it can get trippy as well as very memorable in that ability of engagement.


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