Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 14)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Seeing space before,

The small window is underlooked.

Not adjusting for the breeze at the backdoor,

Home-made radar signalling gravity and what was hooked.

Off-screen inventions were constructed,

Radio detection leads to producing his own.

Hiding in plain sight aiming to be abducted,

A receiver of the only input kind of phone.

Gliding was monitored,

Why fly without the concept of control?

Knowing something about what is infrared,

Inspiration just there for the next console.

Fissures of the solar system,

Mercury plotting closest to the sun.

Interior of the rocket loses fuels at the mercy of a piston

Everything else continued to correctly run.

Welding and repair,

In and outside.

Rope tied to the snare,

Zero air and I still bide.

Memories of the previous,

That big bang was a lie.

Last of the later alias,

Scientists get all the pieces of the pie.

Claustrophobic different than normal,

Same unpredictability but more sad.

More symbolism of a portal,

Holding onto the spirit of the dyad.

Plenty of nova explosions,

White dwarfs growing by the minute.

What he has chosen,

Shall test his skinsuit.

Crash-landing is the hard part,

Everything else seemly is in order.

Already feeling that beating in the heart,

I imagine I more pressing sleep dis-order…

Laying on his Uranus,

Neptune of the seas was stirring.

Evolution of the spiritless,

Biological matter transferring.

Fragments scratch the ship,

Weird noises play that are abstract.

Readings interpreted off the digital chip,

Become further away than fact.

Vulernable to my pressence,

Resistance still lingers…

His independence..

Is at the surface of my fingers.

Flash in the casement…

That was startling…

Out in the vacant,

Many rocks are now encircling.

Classic relative orbit,

Am I trapped?

Confused as a tortoise,

How do I de-attract?

Aperture jammed together,

Substitute crowbar has little effect.

Body still thick at leather,

Who thought this guy was some sort of an architect?

Machine results in haywire,

When will the bumps arrive?

Lamb to the upcoming crossfire,

Was this from the begging my demise?

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