ACID TO MY ALKALINE – 1 HUNDRED 9 (#SixWordStory #SuddenFiction #FlashPrompt)

A six word story written by Lee Sonogan

Fujiya & Miyagi – “Acid To My Alkaline” Video (Stereogum Premiere) -  Stereogum
The mechanism which won’t unwind
You are the kink in my Venetian blind
Like two magnets pushed together that repel one another
Once the negative sides are in line
You can’t mix water with spirit of turpentine
– Fujiya & Miyagi – “Acid To My Alkaline”

Mordant caustic pH metabolizing heterogeneous salubrity.

“Bear in mind that some substances that are alkaline outside the body, like milk, are acidic to the body; meaning that they leave and acid reside in the tissues, just as many substances that are acidic outside the body, like lemons and ripe tomatoes, are alkaline and healing in the body and contribute to the body’s critical alkaline reserve.” ― Natalia Rose, Detox for Women: An All New Approach for a Sleek Body and Radiant Health in 4 Weeks

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