Regular Show: The movie, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr9mins (2015) Animation, Action, Adventure

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Regular Show is one of my favorite cartoons in Cartoon Network. Could Regular Show The Movie also be my favorite animated movie? Let’s see. – Shad_Critic (7/10)

Managing to run a time-travelling story not overtly absurd but still funny is worthy of my memory. The Regular Show was one of those rare gems produced by Cartoon Network but maybe not one of the best of all time. This movie is similar although enough engagement as it does a lot different in comparison to the television series. The trippy social depth and the crew expanded into space in the future makes good credibility summarizing up many elements of the show.

For it is originally written, it has good messages where it is not a complete waste of time. Mild violence made it suspenseful but not everything I got invested into. Relying on satire and various comedy tropes, some can lead to the cringe and genres not meant for everyone. I thought this was above average, on the other hand, I won’t be consuming it again.

Best friend bromance gone wrong is a cliche story although it does not insult its audience. Quirky and bizarre, this could become a choice if you’re looking for something weird and unpredictable. It’s odd that I have no stand out favourite character in this that makes them all equal to a certain degree. Overall I recommend it by its ability to make you smile in particular scenes. Potential satisfaction is the best in considering this as a suggestion.

If you like regular show, you will definitely like this movie. its basically the embodiment of every good aspect of regular show. definitely worth a watch – CamdenGregware (8/10)


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